Effect of magnetism on the lattice dynamics in theσ-phase FeCr alloys

S. M. Dubiel, J. Cieslak, M. Reissner
2013 Europhysics letters  
Anomalies in the temperature dependences of the recoil-free factor, f, and the average center shift, , measured by 57-Fe Mossbauer Spectroscopy, were observed for the first time in the archetype of the \sigma-phase alloys system, Fe-Cr. In both cases the anomaly started at the temperature close to the magnetic ordering temperature, and in both cases it was indicative of lattice vibrations hardening. As no magnetostrictive effects were found, the anomalies seem to be entirely due to a
more » ... coupling. The observed changes in f and in were expressed in terms of the underlying changes in the potential, \Delta E_p, and the kinetic energy, \Delta E_k, respectively. The former, with the maximum value larger by a factor of six than the latter, decreases, while the latter increases with T. The total mechanical energy change, \Delta E, was, in general, not constant, as expected for the Debye-like vibrations, but it resembled that of \Delta E_p. Only in the range of 4-15 K, \Delta E was hardly dependent on T.
doi:10.1209/0295-5075/101/16008 fatcat:wphji7mmhjfsdgeremshazr5fm