Incremental Construction of Counterexamples in Model Checking Web Documents

Franz Weitl, Shin Nakajima
A new algorithm for incrementally generating counterexamples for the temporal description logic ALCCTL is presented. ALCCTL is a decidable combination of the description logic ALC and computation tree logic CTL that is expressive for content- and structure-related properties of web documents being verified by model checking. In the case of a specification violation, existing model checkers provide a single counterexample which may be large and complex. We extend existing algorithms for
more » ... rithms for generating counterexamples in two ways. First, a coarse counterexample is generated initially that can be refined subsequently to the desired level of detail in an incremental manner. Second, the user can choose where and in which way a counterexample is refined. This enables the interactive step-by-step analysis of error scenarios according to the user's interest.We demonstrate in a case study on a web-based training document that the proposed approach reveals more errors and explains the cause of errors more precisely than the counterexamples of existing model checkers. In addition, we demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is sufficiently fast to enable smooth interaction even in the case of large documents.
doi:10.29007/c8jt fatcat:dxjtf55aiba47ksq6ovbpaigai