Forecasting the Needs of Users and Systems A New Approach to Web Service Mining

Juan Guerrero, Enrique Personal, Antonio Parejo, Antonio García, Carlos León
The Smart Grids provides a great scope of new technologies. The new technologies include the integration of heterogeneous systems which perform different task in the Smart Grid ecosystems. These new systems have their own users with different knowledge levels. It is important that the integrated system can assimilate the new systems without a complex implementations and deployments. Additionally, the users of these systems will increase their needs when new systems are integrated. The proposed
more » ... ramework forecasts the needs of new systems make available new Web Services (WSs) to users and systems. The standards related with Smart Grids include specifications for different Web Service Architectures. Thus, the proposed framework is based on Web Service Mining, using different modules, including semantic engine and analytic module, with time series classification and clustering. Finally, the proposed framework was applied in Smart Business Park (SBP), creating new WSs based on the analysis of Web Services activity information, forecasting the needs of users or/and systems. Keywords-web service mining; ant colony optimization; smart grids; computational intelligence.