Microwave Correlative-Extreme Flowmeter of Dielectric Granular and Powder Materials in Pneumatic Transportation

Nikolay M. Plotnikov, Vladislaw V. Khodykin
2001 18th IAARC/CIB/IEEE/IFAC International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction   unpublished
The paper represents results of theoretical and experimental research in the field of constructing noncontact flowmeters of granular and powder materials in pneumatic transportation. The task of flow measurement amounts to measuring the average flow density within the controlled profile and flow velocity. The possibility of testing flow average density by microwave sensors is substantiated. To measure the velocity of materialair flow use is made of correlative-extreme method of processing
more » ... s from density sensors in accordance with a specially developed algorithm. Keywords: Microwave density sensors, correlative-extreme method of velocity measuring, noncontact microprocessor-based flowmeter.
doi:10.22260/isarc2001/0043 fatcat:jgw6zwfdpvcwjmrmixgg7blsye