O Philippine, Madonna Castro-Gonzales, Jesus Gonzales, Ian Taguba, Juliemae Ortillo, Jan Flotildes, Jireh Lee Vilalflor, Renz Cardenas, Field Researchers
2009 unpublished
The study generally aimed to trace the employability of the Physical Education major graduates from batch 2009-2013 and made a retrospective evaluation of the Bachelor of Physical Education program of PNU North Luzon campus. It also answered the research questions on respondent's personal data, employment characteristics, transition period to work and professional achievements. It also assessed the respondent's level of satisfaction with regards to the University's services, learning
more » ... and facilities, the extent of contribution of the program to the development of the graduates, and the degree of adequacy and relevance of the program competencies. It made use of the descriptive-survey method of research intensified by a follow-up interview. A total of 88 graduates from a population of 90 comprised the respondents of the study. They were personally visited, contacted through mobile phones and Facebook. Overall results revealed that respondents are mostly male, with single status and ages from 20-28. In terms of employment, 85% of the respondents are employed as teachers in both public and private schools. They landed a job right after graduation by application due to the demand in the field. Most of them have full time status with 54% of them having permanent status. In terms of professional achievement, 68 respondents have successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers and 21 pursued their Masters' degree. Respondents are highly satisfied with the service, learning climate/environment and facilities of the Campus while skills on communication, human relation, leadership, research and problem solving are developed very adequately. In general, the Bachelor of Secondary Education-Physical Education program is found to be extremely relevant.