To Furnace Makers

1855 Scientific American  
�(itntt nub �rt. �cicntifi( �mfrican. able gau ze of wire round the fl�me. For supplying the lamp" in the galleries," where the actual working' s are beiag carried on, A Musquito Fan. ==== == == == == == == ==-the gas is to be coaveyed by flexible tubingj Joel Webster, of Brooklyn, L •. I., informs us that he has in operation an appa:riltus tha t keeps eight fans in operation: for eight hours; that it is simple, and can be constructed for a few dollars. Jersey will hold a mowing match. with ma
more » ... hines, on the land of Obadiah Meeker, of Elizabethtown, on the· 1uth of this month.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07071855-344d fatcat:7tbkm22mvvehrb2zjnovaupgia