USTADZ SELEBRITI ABDULLAH GYMNASTIAR (Perspektif Hipersemiotika Yasraf Amir Piliang)

Maskur .
2014 Al-Banjari: Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu-Ilmu Keislaman  
The development of popular culture, particularly, in the development of information technology such as as television, mobile phones, and the Internet, have an impact on the creation of a new reality called hyper-reality. Media, in this case, is able to reconstruct a new reality through the sophisticated technology. The construction of this medium also penetrates the religious area. This can be seen in the figure of Abdullah Gymnastiar (Aa Gym). Through the medium of information, Aa Gym is not
more » ... on, Aa Gym is not only seen as a religious teacher who offers a depth of spirituality but also as a celebrity through the image formed. This paper aims to identify and describe the phenomenon of celebrity cleric/ ustadz Abdullah Gymnastiar in popular culture, using hyper-semiotics approach of Yasraf Amir Piliang. This paper attempts to explain the new reality of diversity of Abdullah Gymnastiar. Through the hyper-semiotics approach, religious hyper-reality form can be described scientifically.
doi:10.18592/al-banjari.v13i1.389 fatcat:pnixbwgk4fgr7lcg7ebhnl5i7q