RCGA-based PID control of unstable processes concerned with the constraints
제약조건을 고려한 불안정 시스템의 RCGA 기반 PID 제어

Yun-Hyung Lee, A-Young Yang, Myung-Ok So, Sea-Jun Oh
2013 Journal of the Korean Society of Marine Engineering  
PID control for unstable processes with time delay is not easy to apply because of unstability due to the poles existing on left-hand side in s-plane and the effect of time delay. In this paper, the authors consider the PID controller design technique in case of predefining overshoot or rising time by designer according to control environment. To deal with constraint problem like this, in this paper, the RCGA incorporating the penalty strategy is used. This is the method that if the RCGA
more » ... if the RCGA violates given constraints, the defined penalty function is summed to the evaluation function depending on the severity and then the given constraint problem is converted to non-constraints optimization problem. The proposed method is applied to the unstable FOPTD(First Order Plus Time Delay) system and simulations are accomplished to illustrate the set-point tracking performance.
doi:10.5916/jkosme.2013.37.1.85 fatcat:m4sr6aa6o5chvhrkmzk66unmca