Poliovirus Polyuridylic Acid Polymerase and RNA Replicase Have the Same Viral Polypeptide

James B. Flanegan, David Baltimore
1979 Journal of Virology  
A poliovirus-specific polyuridylic acid [poly(U)] polymerase that copies a polyadenylic acid template complexed to an oligouridylic acid primer was isolated from the membrane fraction of infected HeLa cells and was found to sediment at 4 to 5S on a linear 5 to 20% glycerol gradient. When the poly(U) polymerase was isolated from cells labeled with [35S]methionine and was analyzed by glycerol
doi:10.1128/jvi.29.1.352-360.1979 fatcat:wd5jsqrslvaqbi6aoogh4hahru