An Entropy-Based Knowledge Measure for Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets and Its Application to Multiple Attribute Decision Making

Gang Wang, Jie Zhang, Yafei Song, Qiang Li
2018 Entropy  
As the complementary concept of intuitionistic fuzzy entropy, the knowledge measure of Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets (AIFSs) has attracted more attention and is still an open topic. The amount of knowledge is important to evaluate intuitionistic fuzzy information. An entropy-based knowledge measure for AIFSs is defined in this paper to quantify the knowledge amount conveyed by AIFSs. An intuitive analysis on the properties of the knowledge amount in AIFSs is put forward to facilitate
more » ... rd to facilitate the introduction of axiomatic definition of the knowledge measure. Then we propose a new knowledge measure based on the entropy-based divergence measure with respect for the difference between the membership degree, the non-membership degree, and the hesitancy degree. The properties of the new knowledge measure are investigated in a mathematical viewpoint. Several examples are applied to illustrate the performance of the new knowledge measure. Comparison with several existing entropy and knowledge measures indicates that the proposed knowledge has a greater ability in discriminating different AIFSs and it is robust in quantifying the knowledge amount of different AIFSs. Lastly, the new knowledge measure is applied to the problem of multiple attribute decision making (MADM) in an intuitionistic fuzzy environment. Two models are presented to determine attribute weights in the cases that information on attribute weights is partially known and completely unknown. After obtaining attribute weights, we develop a new method to solve intuitionistic fuzzy MADM problems. An example is employed to show the effectiveness of the new MADM method.
doi:10.3390/e20120981 pmid:33266703 fatcat:skml7rjzyngyzm2xj7ooobw7fq