Collision Performance Improvement in Orthogonal Code Hopping Multiplexing Systems Using Multiple Antennas
다중 안테나를 이용한 직교 부호 도약 다중화 시스템의 성능향상

Bang-Chul Jung, Woo-Jae Lee, Yeoun-Sik Park, Seong-Keun Jeon
2011 The Journal of the Korean Institute of Information and Communication Engineering  
An orthogonal code hopping multiplexing (OCHM) technique has been proposed for accommodating a large number of users with low channel activities than the number of orthogonal codewords through statistical multiplexing in downlink cellular systems. In this paper, a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna based OCHM system is proposed to improve the performance. Each modulated symbol is repeated N times and the N repeated symbols are transmitted simultaneously using N transmit antennas.
more » ... nsmit antennas. Through repetitions, the effect of perforations that the OCHM system experiences is decentralized among the repeated symbols and the full perforation probability is significantly reduced. Each receiver detect the transmitted signal using its pre-assigned code hopping pattern. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme saves the required energy for a given frame error rate (FER) 키워드 부호분할다중접속, 셀룰라 시스템, 이동통신, 직교부호 도약 다중화
doi:10.6109/jkiice.2011.15.10.2100 fatcat:fzw4yj5k4bcuxdngb7t25jr2ka