Ant Agents for Hybrid Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

F. Ducatelle, G. Di Caro, L.M. Gambardella
Second Annual Conference on Wireless On-demand Network Systems and Services  
In this paper we describe AntHocNet, an algorithm for routing in mobile ad hoc networks based on ideas from the Nature-inspired Ant Colony Optimization framework. The algorithm consists of both reactive and proactive components. In a reactive path setup phase, multiple paths are built between the source and destination of a data session. Data are stochastically spread over the different paths, according to their estimated quality. During the course of the session, paths are continuously
more » ... d and improved in a proactive way. Link failures are dealt with locally. The algorithm makes extensive use of ant-like mobile agents which sample full paths between source and destination nodes in a Monte Carlo fashion. We report results of simulation experiments in which we have studied the behavior of AntHoc-Net and AODV as a function of node mobility, terrain size and number of nodes. According to the observed results, An-tHocNet outperforms AODV both in terms of end-to-end delay and delivery ratio.
doi:10.1109/wons.2005.3 dblp:conf/wons/DucatelleCG05 fatcat:wnvoatxegzcfdpxe4zex3zwzau