Transition probability spaces in loop quantum gravity

Xiao-Kan Guo
2018 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
We study the (generalized) transition probability spaces, in the sense of Mielnik and Cantoni, for spacetime quantum states in loop quantum gravity. First, we show that loop quantum gravity admits the structures of transition probability spaces. This is exemplified by first checking such structures in covariant quantum mechanics, and then identify the transition probability spaces in spin foam models via a simplified discrete version of general boundary formulation. The transition probability
more » ... ace thus defined gives a simple way to reconstruct the discrete analog of the Hilbert space of the canonical theory and the relevant quantum logical structures. Second, we show that the transition probability space and in particular the spin foam model are 2-categories. Then we discuss how to realize in spin foam models two proposals by Crane about the mathematical structures of quantum gravity, namely the quantum topos and causal sites. We conclude that transition probability spaces provide us with an alternative framework to understand various foundational questions of loop quantum gravity.
doi:10.1063/1.5022662 fatcat:fvpy2xcspbgetgicclveonam3e