Discussion: "An Investigation of Boiler-Drum Steel After Forty Years of Service" (Blumberg, H. S., and Smith, G. V., 1948, Trans. ASME, 70, pp. 185–198)

I. A. Rohrig
1948 American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Transactions of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers  
susceptible to strain-aging embrittlement, but probably not significantly more so than steel which would today be applied to the same service. Therefore it seems evident that boilers manufactured in the past need not necessarily be classed separately as regards their need of derating because of strain-aging embrittlement. It seems clcarly evident that these boiler drums were still suitable for continued service under the temperature and pressure for which they were originally designed. It is
more » ... cluded, in view of the facts, that neither corrosion, caustic embrittlement, loss of mechanical properties, nor strainaging embrittlement was found, derating of boiler drums operating under these particular conditions with careful inspection and maintenance program is not warranted.
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