On the anlage and morphogenesis of the chorda dorsalis in mammalia, in particular the guinea pig (Cavia cobaya)

G. Carl Huber
1918 The Anatomical Record  
FOURTEEN FIGURES The discussion here undertaken is one which is in no sense foreign to anatomic and morphologic literature ; indeed it may be stated that there is perhaps no single subject in vertebrate embryology which has been so frequently and so ably investigated and has forrned the basis of such extensive and fundamental speculation, as the subject here under consideration. The discussion of the anlage of the mammalian chorda dorsalis, involves a consideration of the anlage and homologies
more » ... age and homologies of the primary germ layers, the question of blastulation and gastrulation, considered ontogenetically and phylogenetically ; in a word, the consideration of the embryologic stages immediately following the stages of segmentation. A full consideration of this broad question is beyond the limits of this communication. Neither is it possible to consider here at all completely the extensive literature involved. This seems the less necessary since relatively recently a goodly number of investigators have given extensive and critical reviews of the literature dealing with this question as may be learned on study of certain of the contributions of 0. Hertwig, Keibel, Van Beneden, Bonnet, Rabl, Hubrecht and others. I shall, therefore at the outset, limit the scope of this communication by stating that it is the purpose at this time to present observations dealing with the ftnlage of the mesoderm and chorda dorsalis as noted in the guinea pig, a form especially adapted for the investigation of these problems; as may be learned from the studies of Carius, Liederkuhn,
doi:10.1002/ar.1090140402 fatcat:3jtkbougobhldbpyk7gkmdpw6q