Die arthroskopische Resektion dorsaler Handgelenksganglien

Corinna Linde
In arthroscopic wrist surgery the resection of dorsal wrist ganglia has become a well accepted practice. As advantage over open techniques the minimal invasive procedure with low complication rate and low postoperative morbidity, less postoperative pain and faster recovery are discussed. The possibility to assess accompanying joint pathology is considered as another advantage. The importance of identifying a so called ganglion cyst stalk seems to have been overstated. Regarding technique main
more » ... ng technique main discussion points are the size and localization of the capsular window and the necessity of additional midcarpal arthroscopy. The possibility and results of treatment of recurrent ganglion cysts are still controversial. Own experience and that of some authors are positive. Hardly mentioned in the literature is the treatment of occult dorsal wrist ganglia and its results, which is considered as very successful by the authors.
doi:10.5283/epub.32361 fatcat:hck2f65nm5enropmdravsqgrvu