Improvement of Superior Genotypes from Anatolian Sage (Salvia Fruticosa Mill.) Populations By Clonal Selection

Fatma Uysal Bayar, Batı Akdeniz Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü, Kenan Turgut, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Agriculture. 07059, Antalya, Turkey
2021 International Journal of Innovative Approaches in Science Research  
This research was conducted with the purpose of obtaining high quality plants by selection breeding of Anatolian sage (Salvi afruticosa Mill.) in different locations of Antalya province. In this research, clonal individual plants belong to Salvia fruticosa Mill. species, were collected from 15 different populations in the flora of Antalya. The clonal selection method was used in the breeding of this species, which is propagated clonally. Dry herbage yield was between 748.34 and 1135.15 kg/da
more » ... A clones, while it was between 748.34 and 1135.15 kg/da for B clones in terms of the population mean. The highest dry leaf yield was determined 534.36 and 605.867 kg/da for A and B clones respectively. Furthermore, 1.8-cineole, camphor and caryophyllene were determined as the main components of essential oils. The proportion of 1.8-cineole was determined between 34.51-73.49%. In this research, it was observed that there was a large variation between clonal lines, and some of them were determined as important in terms of morphological characteristics, yield and quality.
doi:10.29329/ijiasr.2021.379.1 fatcat:bpnrbwhsyzedrc5qw26q2urxxi