Performance of calves as related to the proportion of plant protein in milk replacer and to feeding frequency

S. Osięgłowski, B. Niwińska, J. Strzetelski, K. Bilik
2005 Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences  
Forty-two Black-and-White bull calves 8-11 days of age were divided into two equal groups and fed two types of milk replacer to 120 days of age. In the control group (C) the milk replacer (MR) contained 40%, in the experimental group (E), up to 87% crude protein. Whey protein supplement made up the level of protein in both groups to 100%. Liquid feed was given once, twice or three times daily, and concentrate was provided ad libitum. Prior to weaning, group E calves and those given liquid feed
more » ... given liquid feed once daily consumed slightly more concentrate than bulls from group C or those offered liquid feed twice or three times daily. Throughout the whole experimental period, concentrate consumption was not affected by either the frequency or the type of milk replacer (P>0.05). Group C calves showed a faster growth rate and better feed conversion.
doi:10.22358/jafs/70544/2005 fatcat:ims6vdihlbdnfokr4yeiznow7y