Effects of Caching on the Performance of DSR Protocol

Narinderjeet Kaur
2012 IOSR Journal of Engineering  
Route cache strategy is important in an on demand routing protocol in wireless mobile ad hoc networks. In on demand routing protocol the route discovery mechanism is used to transmit packets from one mobile node to other. In order to avoid such route discovery mechanism each time when the packet is transmitted, the route caching technique is used. Route caching is the major approach to decrease the flooding of the network by avoiding the route discovery operation as much as possible. Because
more » ... ossible. Because the frequently use of route discovery mechanism is very costly in terms of delay and bandwidth consumption which can cause congestion and long delay. Therefore the efficient caching strategies have the great impact on the performance of the DSR routing protocol. This paper, presented the effect of the cache expiry time and cache capacity on the performance of the DSR routing protocol. The simulation results indicate that the cache capacity can indirectly affect the performance of the routing protocol. The performance of the DSR protocol decreases if we increase the cache size, because increase in cache size cause stale routes in the cache. The stale routes are generated due to the mobility of the nodes. To reduce or remove the stale routes cache expiry time is used.
doi:10.9790/3021-02910711 fatcat:u44tqlzab5drpaenmgumwbjzdm