199 Challenges in identification of hypertension in children and young people with Turner Syndrome

Lily Jones, Julie Park, Joanne Blair, Daniel Hawcutt, Alena Shantsila, Gregory YH Lip
2022 Abstracts   unpublished
2021) another patient had transient autoimmune thyroiditis at some point after diagnosis and is currently Eu-thyroid.100% compliance noted in terms of doing the screening tests for coeliac and thyroiditis done at the time of the diagnosis with type 1 diabetes mellitus. 31 out of 35 patients had endomysial antibodies checked. 16 out of 35 patients had genetics tests done and were positive for coeliac disease. 13 out of 35 required endoscopies to confirm the diagnosis of the coeliac disease,
more » ... others were diagnosed based on the blood and genetic testing. The diagnosis of coeliac disease from the time of T1DM diagnosis ranges from within the same months of CO-diagnosis of T1DM and coeliac diagnosis till 132 months after apart from date of t1dm. Conclusion 100% compliance noted regarding testing for Coeliac disease and thyroid status at the time of diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Around 37% of the patients needed endoscopies for confirmation of Coeliac disease, while in the remaining 63% of the patients' serological tests alone confirmed the diagnosis. 23% of children diagnosed to have coeliac disease at the same time (within first month after diagnosed T1DM) as diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 46% of the patients had genetic testing done as part of the investigations. Spectrum of coeliac disease diagnosis after diagnosis with T1DM ranged from 1 month to 132 months.
doi:10.1136/archdischild-2022-rcpch.438 fatcat:dwolsph7angbtkkjjrpgewvsr4