Dilbilim Kavramları Işığında Türkçe Öğretimi

Nilay Çağlayan DİLBER
2017 International Journal of Languages' Education and Teaching  
During the teacher training as well as teaching to primary school students, linguistics and data gained by linguistics are not given enough attention in teaching the mother tongue of Turkish. The aim of this work is to show how the concepts contained in linguistic theory concretely can take place in the mother tongue of Turkish education. In linguistics, which have become a science branch with F. De Saussure producing new theories on language by conducting examinations from different angles
more » ... e the 19 th century, the purpose is to describe the language. In this context, certain concepts describing the language with various aspects used in and emerging from General Linguistics, European Structuralism, American Structuralism, Producer Transformational Grammar, Pragmatics and Theories of Enunciation are being exemplified in a concrete way. These examples are expected to help in Turkish textbooks, activities, and teaching materials. In addition, it has been thought that this study will help candidates of Turkish teachers in approaching linguistics in a more concrete way and understanding the requirements of linguistic in language teaching.
doi:10.18298/ijlet.2174 fatcat:hxre5knrfra7hkm7sucvpggiby