A History of Newspapers in the District of Maine, 1785-1820 Recommended Citation A H ISTORY OF NEWSPAPERS IN THE DISTRICT OF MAINE A HISTORY TREATY OF PEACE SIGNED A N D A R R IV E D

Frederick Fassett, Gardiner Fassett, Frederick, " History
1932 the District of Maine   unpublished
, Feb. 14-2 o'clock in the morning. A t eleven o'clock last evening, an express arrived in this town, in th irteen hours from B oston , with the following letter and handbill to C apt. W illiam W ebb, &c. containing the joyful tidings of PEACE. By the favor of an esteemed friend, w e are enabled thus early to lay them before the Public. Boston, Monday m or n ing, 10 o'clock. I hasten to communicate to the citizens of po r t l and, the tidings of PE A C E, w h i c h we have this moment received
more » ... y Express from New Y o r k. We have no further particulars than what arc contained in the enclosed handbill-the news may be relied on. Y our' s THOMAS MOTLEY. To Capt. Wm. W ebb, Innholder Portland, to be delivered to Edward or Richard Motley. I have agreed to pay the bearer of this 50 dollars, who is to deliver it at 11 o'clock this, evening-you must make up a purse to this amount. CENTINEL OFFICE, (Boston,) February 13, Eight o'clock in the morning. W e hav e this instant received in T h irty-two hours from N ew-Y o r k , t he following GREAT and HAPPY NEWS. F O R T H E P U B L IC. To Be nj a m in R ussell Esq. Centinel-Office, Boston. New-Y or k , F eb. 1 1, 1815, Saturday Evening 10 o'clock. S ir-I hasten t o acquaint you, for the information of the Pub­ lic , o f the arrival here this afternoon o f H. Br. M. sloop o f war F avorite, in which has com e passenger M r. C arrol, A m erican M es­ senger, having in his possession A T R E A TY O F P E A C E Between this country and Great-Britain, signed on the 2 6th De­ cember last. M r. Baker also is on board, as Agent for the British Govern­ m ent, the same who was formerly C harge des Affairs here. M r. C ar r o ll , reached town at eight o'clock this evening.-H e shewed to a friend o f mine, who is acquainted with him, the pac-quet containing the T R E A T Y , and a London newspaper o f the l ast date o f December, announcing the sign ing o f the Treaty. It depends, however, as m y friend observed, upon the ac t o f the President to suspend hostilities on this side.