Characterization of Major Histocompatibility Complex Genes in Jungle Fowls, Genus Gallus

Masahide Nishibori, Masaoki Tsudzuki, Yoshio Yamamoto
2003 The Journal of Poultry Science  
Chicken major histocompatibility complex (Mhc) is smaller in size and contains fewer genes than does mammal Mhc. To clarify the characters of Mhc genes in junglefowls as the ancestral species of domestic chickens, we analyzed their Mhc class I BῌF and Mhc class IV BῌG genes using the restriction fragment length polymorphisms (RFLPs) method in addition to comparing the B blood types of Red junglefowls and Green junglefowls. The B blood types were quite di#erent between the two species of
more » ... species of junglefowls.Green junglefowl had small variation of B blood types, almost Green junglefowls reacted with all of the B antisera, B ABCDEGIKLMT . Using the BῌG gene probe gene 2./ in RFLPs, many bands were observed in the junglefowls. The RFLPs patterns based on BῌG genes as the probes of Red junglefowls and Green junglefowls were quite di#erent patterns within the same B blood type as determined by hemagglutination. On the contrary, the RFLPs of BῌF regions of Green junglefowls showed the same patterns regardless of chicken B blood types. We suggest that the Mhc class I BῌF and Mhc class IV BῌG genes might not be a#ected by their history of domestication from junglefowls, and artificial selection only reduced the number of BῌG genes.
doi:10.2141/jpsa.40.21 fatcat:7g6fimqxp5adze6744xrcipn2q