Field Validation of a Magnetic Sensor to Monitor Borehole Deviation during Tunnel Excavation

Fujian Tang, Jianzhou Yang, Hong-Nan Li, Fuqiang Liu, Ningbo Wang, Peng Jia, Yizheng Chen
2018 Materials  
In this article, a magnetic sensor is proposed to monitor borehole deviation during tunnel excavation. It is made by piling four super-strong N42 NdFeB cylinder magnets and then encasing them in an aluminum alloy hollow cylinder. The distribution of the magnetic field produced by the magnetic sensor and its summation with the geomagnetic field (GMF) in a global coordinate system are derived based on the theory of magnetic fields. An algorithm is developed to localize the position of the
more » ... tion of the magnetic sensor. The effect of the GMF variation on the effective monitoring range of the magnetic sensor is also studied numerically. Field validation tests are conducted at Jinzhai Pumped-Storage hydroelectric power station, during the excavation of an inclined tunnel in Anhui Province of China. Test results show that the algorithm and the magnetic sensor are used successfully to detect the deviation of the borehole with an estimated error of approximately 0.5 m. The errors are mainly from the measurement errors of the coordinates, of both the test and the measurement points. The effective monitoring range of the magnetic sensor is dependent on the direction of the magnetic sensor as well as the variation of the GMF.
doi:10.3390/ma11091511 pmid:30142900 fatcat:cpuzhv64bzg3josacfvrhtdbk4