Inna Rud, Vlada Lazarenko, Katerina Novak
2020 Ìnfrastruktura rinku  
The article analyzes the analysis of the money market and monetary aggregates. The essence of the money market and its function are determined. The money market is an important segment of the financial market as it ensures the balance of short-term supply and demand. Money valuation and analysis help economists and political experts to shape policies or modify existing ones to increase or decrease the money supply. Money supply is assessed and analyzed. The monetary aggregates and their
more » ... s and their components are considered. Monetary aggregates are compiled by central banks based on surveys of monetary and financial institutions. A monetary aggregate is a specific grouping of liquid assets that may serve as alternative meters of money, as defined by the law according to the degree of liquidity. The dynamics of monetary aggregates, the level of monetization of the economy and the pace of germination of monetary aggregates in Ukraine are analyzed. Additionally, monetary aggregate growth rates were analyzed. The activity of the National Bank of Ukraine is aimed at meeting the needs of economic entities in terms of cash, therefore, the monetization coefficient is used to analyze the provision of the economy with the money needed to make payments and payments. The analysis showed that a large part of the money supply is outside the banks, it is in the hands of the population in cash. There was a rapid increase in the mass of cash, the number of term investments sharply decreased. The appearance of excess money leads to an increase in aggregate demand and overall prices for goods and services, which in turn leads to a decrease in the purchasing power of the national currency. The analysis showed that the country has an unstable economic climate, which is manifested in the volatility of the national currency and its low positions in the international market. In order to improve the money market situation, it is necessary to adhere to the following principles, namely that interest rates should be clearly distinguished to maintain price stability, central banks should help to support well-functioning financial markets as a whole, and monetary policy should always be resolutely oriented. and maintaining price stability.
doi:10.32843/infrastruct40-67 fatcat:dxuy3rjujnhenorggzfgajsbsy