Foreign body of the spleen from percutaneous entry

S.M Mungazi, W Ndebele, T Zimunhu, M Magara, B Mbuwayesango, D Mucheweti, E.G Muguti, G Gwini, D Gandanhamo
2019 Zenodo  
Foreign body (FB) aspiration and ingestion are fairly common in children. Sharp foreign bodies may also enter the body by penetration. In penetrating foreign bodies, commonly skin and the gastrointestinal tract are the affected organs. An impacted foreign body in the spleen is rare. The diagnosis can be challenging without a history of penetration. Herein, we report a case of an infant with a sewing needle that accidentally punctured the spleen after penetrating through the skin of the
more » ... ar area. A history of FB penetration and imaging were essential to confirm the diagnosis. The sewing needle was successfully removed laparoscopically.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.2623501 fatcat:f5ryihspznhije362tdqursdca