An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization-Powered Adaptive Classification and Migration Visualization for Music Style

Xiahan Liu
2021 Complexity  
Based on the adaptive particle swarm algorithm and error backpropagation neural network, this paper proposes methods for different styles of music classification and migration visualization. This method has the advantages of simple structure, mature algorithm, and accurate optimization. It can find better network weights and thresholds so that particles can jump out of the local optimal solutions previously searched and search in a larger space. The global search uses the gradient method to
more » ... lerate the optimization and control the real-time generation effect of the music style transfer, thereby improving the learning performance and convergence performance of the entire network, ultimately improving the recognition rate of the entire system, and visualizing the musical perception. This kind of real-time information visualization is an artistic expression form, in which artificial intelligence imitates human synesthesia, and it is also a kind of performance art. Combining traditional music visualization and image style transfer adds specific content expression to music visualization and time sequence expression to image style transfer. This visual effect can help users generate unique and personalized portraits with music; it can also be widely used by artists to express the relationship between music and vision. The simulation results show that the method has better classification performance and has certain practical significance and reference value.
doi:10.1155/2021/5515095 doaj:bc87c4b3f70f42c4b03ecfceab02fb6e fatcat:xh3sy6idsncjfnlgui5bft7ycu