Nectanebo, Pharaoh and Magician

1896 English Historical Review  
Downloaded from * The demotic chronicle of Paris (extracts published by E. Berillout in Rtv. p 1880-5) assigns to Nectanebo II a reign of eighteen years in all ' Diog. Laart. viii. 8, 87. B 2 at New York University on May 6, 2015 Downloaded from NECTANEBO, PHARAOH AND MAGICIAN Jan. '• Saft-el-Henneh, pp. 3 ft. (Memoirs of Egypt Exploration Fund). '.' Translation of inscription on the Saft-el-Henneh naot.
doi:10.1093/ehr/xi.xli.1 fatcat:ry4zhtlwvfhsfietb6lbjx55ii