Anna Bondareva
2018 Praktiki & interpretacii  
The review covers three monographs, devoted to literary dystopia: Clayes, G. Dystopia. A Natural History (2017); Firchow, P.E. Modern Utopian Fictions from H.G. Wells to Iris Murdoch (2011); Kuźnicki, Sł. Margaret Atwood's Dystopian Fiction: Fire is Being Eaten (2017). In the article the main ideas of the authors are being analyzed, along with their approach to dystopian genre in general and interpretation of particular literary works. Particular attention is being paid to links between
more » ... n societies and totalitarian regimes of the XXth century. The review is preceded by the brief analysis of the origins of dystopian genre and the description of the main reasons of its active development in the end of the XIXth – beginning of the XXIst century.
doi:10.23683/2415-8852-2018-3-172-182 fatcat:xqbp6dykubh3vihwtbij6ajaca