Development of the taxation of retirement products in Bulgaria

Stanislav Dimitrov
2021 VUZF Review  
Retirement products are long-term savings products. It is widespread government to encourage the saving via tax incentives. Bulgaria follows favourable taxation of saving in voluntary pension funds. The paper is searching answer whether the applied tax policy of personal retirement products in Bulgaria is efficient. The research is focused on three main areas: the nature of the tax incentives in the country; the development of the taxation of pensions across European Union and the areas for
more » ... ovements of the tax policy taking into account the characteristics of the Bulgarian socio-economic environment. The efficiency of the tax advantages often is under doubt in the literature. These studies omit the fact that without tax reliefs the coverage and the efficiency of saving in personal pension plans will be low. One of the conclusions of the current research is that the tax incentives for personal retirement products have to be a part of the design of the plans and these reliefs need to be adapted to the changing economic environment. The paper reaches the conclusion that evolution of the taxation of pensions in the country is needed. The positive changes will increase the trust in the personal retirement products and will improve the adequacy and sustainability of the overall pension system in Bulgaria. This evolution can be done through set of measures that will encourage people to save and will be factor for improving the results from the saving in personal pension plans.
doi:10.38188/2534-9228.21.4.03 fatcat:w2bqpiilvzet5fyb3dmcm75nbi