Predictive value of exhaled nitric oxide in healthy infants for asthma at school age

Jakob Usemann, Oliver Fuchs, Pinelopi Anagnostopoulou, Insa Korten, Olga Gorlanova, Martin Röösli, Philipp Latzin, Urs Frey
Take home message: Exhaled nitric oxide fraction measured in newborns before exposure to environmental factors is not associated with school age asthma development grant 320030_163311 to U. Frey and P. Latzin. Beul-Béguin for their support. We thank Karine Landgren Hugentobler for helping with English style.
doi:10.5451/unibas-ep44596 fatcat:2ygm3b2v7jazfolayerel4f3um