Embedding QR Code in the Wavelet Domain of Image for Metadata Hiding

Yoo Gilsang, Kim Hyeoncheol
2016 Indian Journal of Science and Technology  
Background/Objectives: The most image watermarking techniques has nearly always been implemented in red, green and blue color space. This paper provides a method for inserting the QR code in the CIEXYZ color space to store metadata information. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper provides new QR code watermarking technique that is included in the low-frequency sub-bands through the haar wavelet transformation to CIE XYZ color space of the color image. Independent Component Analysis was
more » ... ied to the watermark signal and to insert the QR code to the low frequency band of the host image. In the QR code extraction process, QR code was to be detected even without the image. Findings: The results of several experiments indicate that the proposed method provides unambiguous detection, imperceptibility, security, and robustness against JPEG compression, median filtering, different noise and image cropping attacks. Application/Improvements: This method can be utilized to insert the metadata into the digital content. The proposed method will be developed to be more robust to various attacks in the future. ISSN (Print) : 0974-6846 ISSN (Online) : 0974-5645 digital content. Characteristic required in the watermarking technique is robustness and imperceptibility. The purpose of this paper, we aim to hide metadata by embedding it in the color image via an image watermark technology. Firstly, the metadata information converted to a binary QR code image. The QR code image embed into an original image and then transmitted it over public network by any unauthorized user. In order to ensure the confidentiality, the host color image and a QR code image is not known in advance. Therefore, by utilizing the oblivious watermarking technique is to satisfy these requirements. In this paper, oblivious watermarking scheme that contains the text information to the CIE XYZ color space of the color image
doi:10.17485/ijst/2016/v9i29/94759 fatcat:25fdzmi7pjc3pnuxuqiddvp7w4