The Analysis of Jadidism in the Works of Russian and Foreign Scientists

Ramil Galiullin, Leila Almazova
2016 unpublished
Relevance of the problem under study is caused by special attention to problems of Islam modernization in the globalization process context. The Islamic civilization is actively involved in processes of inter-religious interaction that raises a question of updating Islam. Today ideas of Jadidism and its representatives become in demand again. The purpose of this article is the paradigm analysis of the views of scientists of the end of the 20th-the beginning of 21 centuries in the context of
more » ... temological approaches and national traditions. The leading method of studying this problem is the method of radical constructivism according to which "knowledge" does not reflect reality, and designs it from sources available to the researcher. Results of research demonstrate that distinctions of views are caused by lack of the standard conceptual framework. Often scientists use different terms, meaning one and the same phenomenon, or on the contrary use one term, meaning different once. All these occur because the researchers treat the phenomenon of Muslim culture from positions of European civilization which, though possesses an adequate conceptual framework for its own history, suffers from lameness if it tries to squeeze the Islamic world into a close framework of the western terminology. Materials of the paper can be useful to the staff of the ministries and departments working with the Islamic religious organizations and also for all interested in modern processes in Islam.