PO-026 72 rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis, l.) extract inhibits cell proliferation and migration in colon cancer cells lines

A Pérez-Sánchez, V Ruíz-Torres, L Agulló-Chazarra, M Herranz-Lopez, V Micol, E Barrajón-Catalán
2018 Poster Presentation: Cancer Cell Biology   unpublished
Results and discussions Treatment of different PDX-derived cell lines with the combination of taxanes and CDK4/6 inhibitors resulted in a higher anti-proliferative effect than both drugs used as single agent. Cell cycle studies showed that inhibition of CDK4/6 prevented recovery from treatment with taxol. At the molecular level we found that the combined treatment induced a clear interruption in retinoblastoma pathway, even higher than CDK4/6 inhibition in monotherapy. Gene expression profiles
more » ... omparing single versus combined treatment are currently being performed to further understand the molecular basis underlying the effectiveness of this type of treatment. Moreover, to assess the efficacy of this new combined treatment in vivo, we treated nine PDAC PDX models with PD-0332991 and nab-paclitaxel, following the same schedule. Importantly, eight of them presented an increased tumour growth inhibition in the combination with respect to the monotherapies. Conclusion Although the molecular mechanism underlying the effectiveness of this treatment is not completely understood yet, our data suggest a good therapeutic value for the combination of CDK4/6 inhibitors and taxanes in PDAC treatment.
doi:10.1136/esmoopen-2018-eacr25.74 fatcat:ca262ritmvddzgzodn65zi2zxm