Spyridon I. KAKOS, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
2020 International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on the Dialogue between Sciences & Arts Religion & Education  
For centuries, science was considered as something radically different from religion. Yet, the foundations of true science are deeply religious in nature. This paper seeks to show how religion is the only foundation needed for the formulation of scientific theories, since it provides the core principles on which the building of exact sciences is based upon. Our need to understand the cosmos and our faith in us being able to do so, are the main prerequisites for conducting science; prerequisites
more » ... that are derived from our belief in us being the sons of God and, thus, being able to read His mind. From its birth on 7 March 1277 up to today, science seems to be the only logical attitude of religious people towards the unknown cosmos.
doi:10.26520/mcdsare.2020.4.50-60 fatcat:bet2l4wsnjdhdgbel2hkt7yn2i