Observations on the Mouth of the Eels in Vinegar, and Also a Strange Aquatic Animal, Sent in a Letter from the Revd Mr. Henry Miles to Mr. Baker, F. R. S. and by Him Communicated to the Royal Society: With a Drawing and Description of the Said Animal, as Viewed in the Microscope, by Mr. Baker

H. Miles, Mr. Baker
1742 Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London  
IV . Obfervations on the M outh Vinegar, and alfo a ftrange aquatic A mmal, fen t in a L etter from the M r . H enry M iles to M r . Baker, F. R . S. and by him communicated to the R o y a l S o c i e t y ; With a D ra w in g and D efcription o f the / a i d A n i m a l , as view ed in the ,
doi:10.1098/rstl.1742.0070 fatcat:nswmp7eqzffulaj4go7l7oeswe