A Study of the Inheritance and Linkage Relationships of Three Glossy Characteristics in Barley

Jess R. Martineau
Twenty-two barley crosses (Hordeum sp.) were studied in the F2 generation to determine the inheritance of the following contrasting characters: (N,n),(E,e),(Tr, tr), (Li,li),(Gp,gp),(K,k),(Z,z), (Gl,gl), (Gs, gs),(B,b),(Trd,trd),(O,o),(R,r),(Rb,rb), and Ge, ge). The three factors for glossyness, (gl), (gs), and (ge), were studied in relation to the other factors and each other to determine possible linkage relationships. (gl) was found to be linked with (k) and 16 percent recombination and to
more » ... ) with 13 percent recombination. (gs) appeared to be linked with (gp) in two crosses, with a third cross showing independence. No other linkage relationships were found.
doi:10.26076/e36a-0df0 fatcat:j4ezk2hoqfbk5iii3r52d5qmgu