Um Sistema Android Para Reconhecimento Automático Do Número De Cartão De Crédito Usando Template Matching

Lincoln S. Rodrigues Júnior, Karin S. Komati
2017 Zenodo  
There was an increase in purchases via credit card via smartphones with the growth of electronic commerce. It becomes more convenient and faster to just scan the image of the credit card than to enter the data of the card. In this work, a mobile system is presented that digitizes the credit card number and generates the recognized digits. The system, when scanning the data printed on the face of the credit card, applies digital image processing techniques for image enhancement and performs
more » ... t and performs image digit recognition through the Template Matching technique. Using a test database containing 50 different credit card templates, a 75% hit rate was achieved on recognition.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.877330 fatcat:dekcznjvf5dqfcwue6fmchr25m