Program Development for the Prediction of Cooling Tower Performance
냉각탑 성능 예측을 위한 프로그램 개발

Jaehyung Jung, Jaihyun Jung, Young Ki Choi
2014 Korean Journal of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering  
The present study is performed to set up the framework of cooling tower performance predictions. The performance of mechanical forced draft cooling tower is directly related to the state of a nuclear power plant system, such as the condenser and evaporator. The main parameters related to the state of systems are as follows:wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature and absolute humidity. The performance evaluation of cooling tower must be considered at the power plant design. In this study, the
more » ... In this study, the toolkit developed by the American Cooling Tower Industry association (CTI) has been used for the framework construction. In order to validate the framework, it is being applied to the cooling tower constructed for the U.S. Nuclear Power Plant. The test results have shown good agreements with the cold water temperature on the cooling tower performance curves provided by manufacturers. 기호설명 KaV/L :열이동단위수 P :단위시간당 열폐기량 [Btu/hr] U :총괄면적열전달계수 [BTU/hr·ft 2°F ] F :Correction factor for condenser T :Temperature [°F]
doi:10.6110/kjacr.2014.26.3.130 fatcat:xaabsmslrjdkjlmrxzg4dufmqa