Design, Modeling and Control of a Biped Line-Walking Robot

Ludan Wang, Fei Liu, Shaoqiang Xu, Zhen Wang, Sheng Cheng, Jianwei Zhang
2010 International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems  
The subject of this paper is the design and analysis of a biped line walking robot for inspection of power transmission lines. With a novel mechanism the centroid of the robot can be concentrated on the axis of hip joint to minimize the drive torque of the hip joint. The mechanical structure of the robot is discussed, as well as forward kinematics. Dynamic model is established in this paper to analyze the inverse kinematics for motion planning. The line-walking cycle of the line-walking robot
more » ... ine-walking robot is composed of a single-support phase and a double-support phase. Locomotion of the line-walking robot is discussed in details and the obstacle-navigation process is planed according to the structure of power transmission line. To fulfill the demands of line-walking, a control system and trajectories generation method are designed for the prototype of the line-walking robot. The feasibility of this concept is then confirmed by performing experiments with a simulated line environment.
doi:10.5772/10498 fatcat:sfwk3web6nfppiinkicerr6xkm