Verrucostoma, a new genus in the Bionectriaceae from the Bonin Islands, Japan

Yuuri Hirooka, Takao Kobayashi, Tsuyoshi Ono, Amy Y. Rossman, Priscila Chaverri
2010 Mycologia  
Verrucosloma gen. et sp. nov. is described and illu fr strated om specimens oil leaves of Freycinetia boninensis (Pandaiiaceae) collected in Hahajima, Bonin (Ogasawara) Islands. Japan. The genus is characterized by pale orange Per1111((ia with protuberances around the perithecial apex, no color change iii 3% potassium hydroxide and lactic acid, unituilicate asci, spinulose ascospores and an Acrernoriiu rn-like anamorph. Morphological characters were compared with other genera in
more » ... h other genera in the Rionectriaceae and Nectriaccae (Hypocreales). Verrucostorna is morphologically similar to Boneclria (Bionectriaceae) from which it differs in the formation of conspicuous protuberances around the perithecial apex and the Acrernoniurn-like ananiorpli. Moreover iriolecular anal yses of Verrucoslorna and other members of the Bionectriaceae and Nectriaceae based oil large subunit nuclear ribosonial DNA and RNA polymerase II subunit I sequences support the conclusions based oil data. Our results confirm that V freycinetiae is distinct from other genera among the Necii-ia-like fungi and represents a new genus belonging to the Bioucciriaceac.
doi:10.3852/09-137 pmid:20361508 fatcat:43rtkyqjnnhhhmjpp6f3z2nefa