Discussion of Consolidation Effect in the Destruction of Compacted Clay in Landfill Site

Fa-Xing Huang, Hai-Jun Lu*, Ji-Xiang Li, Rui Dai
In order to explore consolidation effect in the failure of compacted clay in landfill, shear strength tests of compacted clay soaked in leachate were carried out with condition of consolidation and without consolidation, and microstructure were acquired via microstructure observation equipment. The study has shown that the compound modes of aggregates convert from edge-surface and edge-edge to surface-surface, and the reduction of aggregates and porosity lead to the denser of compacted clay.
more » ... maximum value of pore size distribution density reduced form 1.42ml/g to 1.22ml/g, and the bore diameter at the peak declined from 9.5nm to 7.0nm, thus the index of shear strength increased after consolidation. The cohesion increased from 28.52kPa to 30.66kPa while the internal friction angle increased form 44.29º to 46.56º. This research would provide theory basis for the structure design of liner in landfill site.