Seasonal changes in secretory granules and crystalloid inclusions of bat thyroid parafollicular cells

E A Nunez, R P Gould, S J Holt
1970 Journal of Cell Science  
Parafollicular cells of active Autumn bats sometimes contain many large dense secretory granules (diameter 1 -2 /*m) enclosed within ribosome-studded membranes. At the same time, parafollicular cells containing small granules were often characterized by the presence of slender crystalloid rods, up to several microns in length. Parafollicular cells with large granules become depleted of them following exposure of nonhibernating bats to cold (4 °C) for 12-48 h. This treatment causes no change in
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pmid:5452096 fatcat:7j5mof4q25c3jefrxlnbfm2cfm