Material and Operations Sustainability: An Approach towards Make in India

Sachin Kumar Mangla, Pravin Patil
Journal of Graphic Era University   unpublished
August 22-23, 2016. Currently, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering Management scholars and practitioners are facing new challenges in integrating issues of manufacturing and operations management with their conventional areas of interest. There is an increasing concern for industry in terms of material selection, material properties and its structure, operations sequence, operations optimization, process performances etc. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and pressure on
more » ... ss and pressure on industries to inculcate ecological concerns and nature friendly means in business with a sustainability orientation. Sustainability involves fulfilling the needs of present without compromising the needs of the future. By virtue of which, academicians, researchers and practitioners all around the world are talking about sustainability of resources, material, operations and processes for sustainable development initiatives from the industrial perspective. Thus, there is an urgent need for transition from traditional manufacturing and operations management to sustainable operations management. The motive behind this special issue is to introduce and develop expertise among the participants with the sustainability aspects in the operations and material management through various recent research tools and techniques towards Make in India initiatives. The original research articles concerning new research on sustainability with particular prominence were received from all over the India and selected articles were drastically extended after blind peer review process. In the first paper of this special issue, Prasad and Singh (2017), presented that epoxy alumina polymer nano-composite was synthesized by In-situ polymerization technique. In the next paper, Gori and Verma (2017) found that AA5083 aluminum alloys are widely used in