A PMMA-Based Microfluidic Device for Human Sperm Evaluation and Screening on Swimming Capability and Swimming Persistence

Yimo Yan, Haoran Liu, Boxuan Zhang, Ran Liu
2020 Micromachines  
The selection of high-quality sperm is essential to the success of in vitro fertilization (IVF). As human cervical mucus has a high viscosity, without enough swimming persistence, human sperm clouds cannot arrive at the ampulla to fertilize the egg. In this study, we used swimming capability and motion characteristics that are known to be associated with fertilization ability to evaluate the quality of sperm. Here, a clinically applicable polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)-based microdevice was
more » ... microdevice was designed and fabricated for sperm evaluation and screening for swimming capability and persistence in a viscous environment. In this study, we applied methylcellulose (MC) to mimic the natural properties of mucus in vivo to achieve the selection of motile sperm. Sperm motion was recorded by an inverted microscope. The statistical features were extracted and analyzed. Hundreds of sperm in two treated groups with different concentrations of MC and one control group with human tubal fluid (HTF) media were video recorded. This device can achieve a one-step procedure of high-quality sperm selection and achieve the quantitative evaluation of sperm swimming capability and persistence. Sperm with good swimming capability and persistence may be more suitable for fertilization in a viscous environment. This microdevice and methods could be used to guide the evaluation of sperm motility and screening in the future.
doi:10.3390/mi11090793 pmid:32839382 fatcat:plmrrs3b2ncftafrw3dfhw6bqi