The main requirements and risks of digital transformation of education
Основные требования и риски цифровой трансформации образования

Olga Vasilevna Rebko
2022 Development of education  
In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the economy is in need of professionals with completely new competencies. So, the ability to make decisions based on big data, act in a situation of uncertainty, analyze and critically comprehend incoming information, etc. comes first. A modern employee is required to assimilate a new way of thinking, ethics and attitudes, the formation and development of digital culture and digital literacy. The training of such specialists becomes the most
more » ... portant task of education. However, the analysis of modern research shows that teachers themselves also need tools that would allow them to effectively perform their professional duties in the new economic reality. Based on the review of the requirements and the main groups of risks caused by the digital transformation of education, we conclude that the presence of a well-developed standardized model of digital competencies of teachers can become a reliable support for teachers and teachers. Also, the introduction of such a model in the educational programs of universities and professional development programs will bring the professional training of teachers in line with the requirements of digital transformation.
doi:10.31483/r-103540 fatcat:gnipwyynefhm3lkhbmdckclhai