Spatial heterogeneity of the cytosol revealed by machine learning-based 3D particle tracking

Grace A. McLaughlin, Erin M. Langdon, John M. Crutchley, Liam J. Holt, M. Gregory Forest, Jay M. Newby, Amy S. Gladfelter, Sophie Martin
2020 Molecular Biology of the Cell  
The structure of the cytosol across different length scales is a debated topic in cell biology. Here we present tools to measure the physical state of the cytosol by analyzing the 3D motion of nanoparticles expressed in cells. We find evidence that the physical structure of the cytosol is a fundamental source of variability in biological systems.
doi:10.1091/mbc.e20-03-0210 fatcat:rd565i6ku5etzcjpmzi5gee2qe