Privacy-preserving solutions for Blockchain: review and challenges

Jorge Bernal Bernabe, Jose L. Canovas, Jose L. Hernandez-Ramos, Rafael Torres Moreno, Antonio Skarmeta
2019 IEEE Access  
Blockchains offer a decentralized, immutable and verifiable ledger that can record transactions of digital assets, provoking a radical change in several innovative scenarios, such as smart cities, eHealth or eGovernment. However, blockchains are subject to different scalability, security and potential privacy issues, such as transaction linkability, crypto-keys management (e.g. recovery), on-chain data privacy, or compliance with privacy regulations (e.g. GDPR). To deal with these challenges,
more » ... these challenges, novel privacy-preserving solutions for blockchain based on crypto-privacy techniques are emerging to empower users with mechanisms to become anonymous and take control of their personal data during their digital transactions of any kind in the ledger, following a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model. In this sense, this paper performs a systematic review of the current state of the art on privacy-preserving research solutions and mechanisms in blockchain, as well as the main associated privacy challenges in this promising and disrupting technology. The survey covers privacy techniques in public and permissionless blockchains, e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as privacy-preserving research proposals and solutions in permissioned and private blockchains. Diverse blockchain scenarios are analyzed,
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2950872 fatcat:kf2rl7onmrbvnozjudspxrcatu