Contrastive Vicinal Space for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation [article]

Jaemin Na, Dongyoon Han, Hyung Jin Chang, Wonjun Hwang
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recent unsupervised domain adaptation methods have utilized vicinal space between the source and target domains. However, the equilibrium collapse of labels, a problem where the source labels are dominant over the target labels in the predictions of vicinal instances, has never been addressed. In this paper, we propose an instance-wise minimax strategy that minimizes the entropy of high uncertainty instances in the vicinal space to tackle the stated problem. We divide the vicinal space into two
more » ... subspaces through the solution of the minimax problem: contrastive space and consensus space. In the contrastive space, inter-domain discrepancy is mitigated by constraining instances to have contrastive views and labels, and the consensus space reduces the confusion between intra-domain categories. The effectiveness of our method is demonstrated on public benchmarks, including Office-31, Office-Home, and VisDA-C, achieving state-of-the-art performances. We further show that our method outperforms the current state-of-the-art methods on PACS, which indicates that our instance-wise approach works well for multi-source domain adaptation as well. Code is available at
arXiv:2111.13353v3 fatcat:slhnvarya5gdtox3gib5qdwgym