Glucose transport in isolated brush border membrane from rat small intestine

U Hopfer, K Nelson, J Perrotto, K J Isselbacher
1973 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Uptake of labeled Dand L-glucose has been shown to occur with highly purified brush border membranes from the epithelial cells of rat small intestine using a Millipore filtration technique. An intact glucose carrier system in the isolated membranes was demonstrated as evidenced by the following. (a) D-Glucose was taken up and released faster than L-glucose. (b) Sodium ions increased initial rate and extent of D-glucose uptake 3-to 5-fold; no other cation showed this effect. (c) D-Glucose uptake
more » ... and release was inhibited by phlorizin. (d) Countertransport of D-glucose was demonstrated.
pmid:4692832 fatcat:jy245xx5gnbh5dfnmzm73kpfge